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My first black blank sketch cover. White gel pen. 5 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping. Email me or whatever.

1134. Cable

815. Cable

Recycled jokes: Josh Brolin has been cast as Cable in DEADPOOL 2. This means James Brolin is Cyclops. And Barbara Streisand is Jean Grey (because Madelyn Pryor is his mom, and Jean Grey his stepmom). Also, The Coen Bros. now need to direct a Deadpool sequel or the X-Force movie. Also, Cable and Thanos are …

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694. Cable

Merry Christmas, it’s the Mutant Messiah hisself. This is the drawing that started Rob Liefeld Month. I drew this for Jason Young’s birthday back in early 2014. I just finished coloring this two days ago. So. Not bad for 2.5 years of work, right?

Covered: X-Force #1

I did another Covered recreation. My thinking for this was “Anti-Rob Liefeld”.