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Cleaning some stuff and I found this sketch cover I never posted. Available on the Shop!

Racer X

For Sale, 4 x 6 sketch card: Speed Racer rival Racer X


For sale at my shop,4 x 6 black and white, pen and ink illustration on bristol board. Marvel Comics’ Spider-Woman.


For sale, blank sketch cover for the Image Comics/Skybound Universal Monsters Dracula mini.

Batman ’89: Echoes

For Sale, Batman ’89 blank sketch cover with the Tim Burton versions (or, my best approximations) of Batman & his rogues gallery.

Robin Lives!

For sale! One (1) Blank Sketch cover for Batman #428 Facsimile – the Alternate “Robin Lives” Edition. The front cover is a gory homage to Mike Mignola’s classic original cover, featuring Jason Todd in his best form. The back cover is an homage to cartoonist and hetero life-partner Jason Young. Jason sketched the “I’m no …

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4 x 6 card of Havok, available for sale on my store. However! If you buy ANY of my other X-Men related art, you’ll get this FOR FREE.

Savage Land Rogue

Rogue in her skimpy Savage Land getup. Available for sale on my store.

Spookytober: Trick ‘r Treat

The adorable embodiment of Halloween, Sam from Trick ‘r’ Treat. Follow the rules. This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Spookytober: Beetlejuice

The Ghost with the Most Beetlejuice. This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.