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4 x 6 card of Havok, available for sale on my store. However! If you buy ANY of my other X-Men related art, you’ll get this FOR FREE.

Uncanny X-Men Sketch Cover

Decided to pay homage to the very first X-Men comic I ever read, Classic X-Men #5, which itself is a reprint and homage to Uncanny X-Men #97. CXM5 cover art by Arthur Adams, UXM97 cover by Dave Cockrum. This is for sale in my shop. Pre-autographed by Uncanny X-Men (2018) writer Matthew Rosenberg. I dunno. …

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911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

Never forget.

491. X-Men

HEROES CON. Charlotte, NC. June 17-19. TABLE AA-2117. This cover & others, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, maybe comics – all for sale there with me at the show. If you commission me in advance or even right now, I just might actually draw your favorite versions of The X-Men, and not just mine.

277. X-Factor

A while ago, my pal Jason Young and I were hanging out and for some reason the discussion turned to comics. We wound up talking about Marvel Comics’ Hip-Hop Variant Covers that were just being previewed. We browsed through all the ones that were revealed at the time. Some were great and clever, some obscure, …

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263. X-Men

A recreation of the classic Art Adams X-Men poster that I have hanging up outside my bathroom. You’ve seen it. I drew this as a gift for my friend Kathleen who doesn’t talk to me anymore and I’m pretty sure she just fucking hates me now. I have been coloring on this damn thing for …

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257. Havok

Havok has had his share of terrible costumes. Pretty much anything past 1994 or so. I’m pretty sure you can add this one to the list. For me, you can’t get past the perfection of his original outfit. It’s great and if you don’t think so, there’s the cliff off which you can dive. I’d …

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022 – Havok

Havok was always a favorite X-Men character, and I’ve hated every single costume of his except for the original. Neal Adams is a legend for a reason.

To me, my zay-men

Y’know what I hate most about the X-Men movies and cartoons? X-Avier. X-Avier? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? It’s pronounced Zavier, folks! Zavier! Grr! I have a secret shame, and that shame is that I love The X-Men. It’s the comic that turned me into a hardcore geek. Admittedly, up until Grant Morrison …

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