To me, my zay-men

Y’know what I hate most about the X-Men movies and cartoons? X-Avier. X-Avier? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? It’s pronounced Zavier, folks! Zavier! Grr!

I have a secret shame, and that shame is that I love The X-Men. It’s the comic that turned me into a hardcore geek. Admittedly, up until Grant Morrison started their run, I hadn’t regularly read The X-Men books since 1992, or whenever Peter David left X-Factor. I kept my eye on it, but never really bought it, ‘cept maybe a stray issue here or there. Unlike the seeming majority of fanboys, I’ll drop a book and wait for it to get good again, not continuously buy it until it gets good. I followed Morrison, kept through with Whedon, and now I’m out again. I may pick up Warren Ellis’ run in trade format, but even Brubaker, Carey and Fraction can’t keep my interest nowadays. So, once again, I wait silently, hoping that someday the X-Men will be good again. In the meantime, I draw my favorite mutants far too much.

I’m still here.
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