Slam Evil!

What a terrible fucking tagline.

Been a while, sorry. Been working on getting my podcast together.  You can find my podcast at It’s a swell podcast, with our first official episode being recorded on September 16th. To be released shortly thereafter. We’ll see when, then I’ll try to make that the regular upload day. For my podcast. Gutter Trash. Have I mentioned my podcast yet?

Anyhoo, the purple nurple above is The Phantom, though you might know him better as Billy Zane. And to be fair, I actually do enjoy The Phantom movie. It’s a fun, Indy Jones/Superhero flick. I drew this entirely in Illustrator for a contest that Moonstone Comics is holding. I’m kinda proud of this, and worked harder on it than probably any of the other pieces on this blog. I was actually trying for an Adobe Illustrator-meets-painterly-meets-typical-Shonborn-crapfest thang. I failed on most levels, but still like the piece, which is a rare thing.

Gutter Trash!

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