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A while back, I did a sketch cover homage to Classic X-Men #5, I totally forgot that those Classic X-Men issues had back cover pin-ups. Initially by John Bolton. So, I added this re-creation of the Bolton Colossus portrait to the back cover. You can buy this sketch cover at my store, which will also …

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And I’m out! Sketch-a-Day will be back for the end of the year in October. Bye.

1031. Colossus

491. X-Men

HEROES CON. Charlotte, NC. June 17-19. TABLE AA-2117. This cover & others, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, maybe comics – all for sale there with me at the show. If you commission me in advance or even right now, I just might actually draw your favorite versions of The X-Men, and not just mine.

263. X-Men

A recreation of the classic Art Adams X-Men poster that I have hanging up outside my bathroom. You’ve seen it. I drew this as a gift for my friend Kathleen who doesn’t talk to me anymore and I’m pretty sure she just fucking hates me now. I have been coloring on this damn thing for …

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106. Colossus

I watched an MST3K yesterday, a 1959 Mexican movie called Santa Claus. If that’s not enough to gear you up, then you are more dead inside than I am.

661. Colossus

56. Classic X-Men

Post-it sketch. I wanted to try a heavy shadowed figure, stark contrast with no hatching, and then it turned into Cyclops. Then I added the recognizable silhouettes. I hope anyway.

268 – Colossus

130 – Colossus

Did some X-Men on post-its. Fuck you.