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1187. Psylocke

I always preferred the demure, caucasian Psylocke. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store Commission Info

270. Samaralocke

Shiloh – Horror/Hero Mashup Week continues. So you might say, “Eric, I bet you’ve never drawn a woman crawling out of a tv before!” And I would take you up on that bet, because this isn’t even the first time this week I’ve drawn a woman crawling out of a tv! Psylocke meets The Ring …

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263. X-Men

A recreation of the classic Art Adams X-Men poster that I have hanging up outside my bathroom. You’ve seen it. I drew this as a gift for my friend Kathleen who doesn’t talk to me anymore and I’m pretty sure she just fucking hates me now. I have been coloring on this damn thing for …

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