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595a. Bat-Flash

It’s Batman Day, but I’m in the midst of Flash Week. What to do? Mashup Bonus! (It’s Wally, by the way. ALlways Wally).

277. X-Factor

A while ago, my pal Jason Young and I were hanging out and for some reason the discussion turned to comics. We wound up talking about Marvel Comics’ Hip-Hop Variant Covers that were just being previewed. We browsed through all the ones that were revealed at the time. Some were great and clever, some obscure, …

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274. Alan Moore

This one was “Alan Moore as a Werewolf”. Is there a difference?

272. Super Zombie

No need for me to blather on here. Pretty self-explanatory. I did spend last Sunday in a sort of Superman haze. I don’t know why, but I decided to watch Superman The Movie, which, I dunno if you know this, is pretty good. The first 45 minutes of that movie are fucking great. Punches me …

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271. Hulkenstein

I have iffy feelings about the Hulk, but I do kinda love drawing him sometimes. For Hulkenstein, I just thought about Hulk with stitches and electrodes, but whenever I’ve drawn The Frankenstein Monster, I usually like to make him a lot more patchwork quiltified than he’s usually shown. So, multi-colored Hulks get Frankensteined together.

270. Samaralocke

So you might say, “Eric, I bet you’ve never drawn a woman crawling out of a tv before!” And I would take you up on that bet, because this isn’t even the first time this week I’ve drawn a woman crawling out of a tv! Psylocke meets The Ring girl, Samara. Someone asked me to …

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269. Slenderman Rorschach

I’d always held V for Vendetta to be Moore’s superior work, but held Watchmen pretty high up. Shortly before the movie came out, I tried re-reading it and could not make it through at all. I kinda find it tedious now. The movie didn’t help. Rorschach is still a great character though. I learned about …

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268. Bucky Vorhees – The Crystal Lake Soldier