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596. Flash Gordon

And thus ends Flash Week. I loved the 80s Flash Gordon movie as a kid. Still do, it’s awesome. He doesn’t really have a set “costume”, so I used the recent version from Dynamite Comics and the Evan Shaner series. It’s neat. My Art Store Commission Info

595a. Bat-Flash

It’s Batman Day, but I’m in the midst of Flash Week. What to do? Mashup Bonus! (It’s Wally, by the way. ALlways Wally). My Art Store Commission Info

595. The Flash

Barry. Barry is not MY Flash. Barry is a dull, weak, flat character. The original TV show version of Barry is more Wally, even the current TV version is more Wally. Barry, like Jason Todd, is a better character as a memory, a corpse, a motivation. Barry’s death gave better characters a chance to shine …

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594. The Flash

Wally West, The Flash, the fastest man alive. Always Wally. After drawing it, I actually kinda like his new costume in the new Rebirth status quo. Welcome back Wally. I look forward to eventually reading a new comic with him in it. I’ll be skipping the one he’s currently in until at least an art …

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593. The Flash

John Fox, The Flash of the 21st, 27th (I think), and 856th Centuries. I greatly enjoyed his short storyline in the early 2000s, and it’s a shame he’s mostly been ignored. Flash Week goin’ strong. My Art Store Commission Info

592. Impulse

Flash week zips forward with Bart Allen, the once and future Flash, aka Impulse. My Art Store Commission Info