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Happy 106th to The King, Jack Kirby. I’ve had a hankerin’ to draw The Original 5 X-Men in their X-Factor days for a bit, and Kirby’s birthday seemed like a good moment. Oddly, I’ve always considered The X-Men to be the least Kirby-esque of his creations. He also had a very short run on the …

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12. Shatterstar

Not sure whether Shatterstar is bi or gay, but I do remember Rob Liefeld flipping his shit when Peter David put him in a relationship with Rictor in the pages of X-Factor, and that is enough to actually make me like this character now.


Doodle on orange paper.

1215. Polaris

1213. Random


Beast Iceman Angel *** I drew Iceman 4 times. He is deceptively hard to draw. I also much prefer classic Iceman over crazy craggy jagged Iceman or Iceman wearing clothes over his ice form. I like Iceman. *** To reserve a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, …

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911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

Never forget.

724. Strong Guy

673. Shatterstar