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Patreon Reward: Soos

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the best latinx character to ever grace our televisions: Soos, from Gravity Falls! Sorry, Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows. I do relate to him probably more than any other Hispanic in media, being a fat goofball who does not present obviously outwardly as Latino. At least he …

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Happy 106th to The King, Jack Kirby. I’ve had a hankerin’ to draw The Original 5 X-Men in their X-Factor days for a bit, and Kirby’s birthday seemed like a good moment. Oddly, I’ve always considered The X-Men to be the least Kirby-esque of his creations. He also had a very short run on the …

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Patreon Reward: Forky


Happy birthday to my ladyperson.

Free Comic Book Day 2023

All the sketches done during FCBD at Mavericks Cards & Comics.

The Little Mermaid

Valentine’s Day painting. I don’t paint well.

Patreon Reward: Flounder

I suspect that Little Mermaid Flounder is based on Animal House Flounder.

Patreon Catsup – She-Hulk

I enjoyed the Disney+ She-Hulk show. It was fun. The ending was an absolute delight. I’ve pretty much always been a fan of the character too. Always a pleasure to attempt to draw.

Patreon Reward: Super-Eeyore

My patron asked for Super-Eeyore (a mash-up of Superman and Eeyore, natch), and almost instantly as the words filtered into my brainmeats, I knew that I had to homage Frank Quitely’s iconic All-Star Superman cover. May as well take this opportunity to say that I’ll be drawing sketches at Maverick’s Cards and Comics in Kettering, …

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