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Patreon Reward: Super-Eeyore

My patron asked for Super-Eeyore (a mash-up of Superman and Eeyore, natch), and almost instantly as the words filtered into my brainmeats, I knew that I had to homage Frank Quitely’s iconic All-Star Superman cover. May as well take this opportunity to say that I’ll be drawing sketches at Maverick’s Cards and Comics in Kettering, …

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91. Lightning Lass

Lightning Lad’s twin sister. Sort of an amalgam of a bunch of her costumes. Since I had the Lightning Lad file open, I used the same colors. Twins and stuff. Watched: Frankenstein Unbound. A 1990 meta/sci-fi take on the Frankenstein story, it was the first credited movie that Roger Corman had directed in 20 years, …

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