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Patreon Reward: Super-Eeyore

My patron asked for Super-Eeyore (a mash-up of Superman and Eeyore, natch), and almost instantly as the words filtered into my brainmeats, I knew that I had to homage Frank Quitely’s iconic All-Star Superman cover. May as well take this opportunity to say that I’ll be drawing sketches at Maverick’s Cards and Comics in Kettering, …

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912. Scarecrow

And that’s all. The last of the sketch cards. Tomorrow: 100 Kirbys!

911. Mr. Fixit & Havok

Never forget.

910. Groot & Iron Man

909. The Flash & Wonder Woman

Always Wally. This card actually led to a small bit of awkwardness. Kid requested The Flash, I said cool. I would have drawn Wally West, as I always (Always Wally) do. He then specifically said “Wally West”. I said ok, awesome. But then I stopped. I would argue that the majority of folks, especially those …

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908. Daryl Dixon & Spike

I hate likenesses, but thought I managed to capture some of these characters.

907. Hulk & Solomon Grundy

906. Deathstroke & Robin

The Robin request was specifically for the TEEN TITANS GO version, so I had to look it up. While in the middle of drawing it, I was questioning the double widow’s peak, and then realized that actually, Robin’s hair is an upside-down bat. Mind. Blown.

905. Sue & Silk

So I’m doing sketches for people, and this timid, kindly older lady is watching me draw for someone else. When I finish, I look at her and ask her if she wants a sketch, and point out the remaining pre-mades as well. She asks if I can draw her. I do. I’m bad at likenesses, …

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904. Chucky & Candyman

Here is the start of my sketch cards done during the event of Free Comic Book Day back in May. Some of these are not great. I was very shaky for some reason. I was also under some additional unforseen agitation that shall go nameless for an incredible majority of my morning. I think I …

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