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Robin turns 80 this week, so I decided to draw the 2nd best Robin (but 1st best Nightwing). Robin has long been a favorite character of mine, and I lament that the traditional sort of “Batman & Robin” stories haven’t been in vogue or even existed for a very, very long time. *** I’m still …

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Swantennial Tribute

Today would be legendary comic artist Curt Swan’s 100th birthday. Over on Twitter, comic writer John Arcudi is hosting a Swantennial. Various artists are recreating Curt Swan covers in celebration and tribute to the man who defined what Superman looks like to generations of comic fans. Not one to not jump on a bandwagon, here’s …

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1234. Nightwing

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

1125. Red Robin

It’s a slow transition back from Batruary. ***I’m still here.*** My Art Store Commission Info

906. Deathstroke & Robin

The Robin request was specifically for the TEEN TITANS GO version, so I had to look it up. While in the middle of drawing it, I was questioning the double widow’s peak, and then realized that actually, Robin’s hair is an upside-down bat. Mind. Blown. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

759. Two-Face

759. Two-Face

The place where I volunteer – We Care Arts – is having a charity auction in a few weeks. My friend Jessie – one of the teachers – asked if I’d contribute something for it. So here it is, all 22 x 17 inches of Batfamily and Batvillain glory. Easily, this is the biggest drawing …

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386. Robin

Lil Dickie Grayson, all growed up.

022 – Robin

OGBW, Dick. Stuff The Inhumans. eBay. Bid.



Old school, disco Nightwing. I don’t care, I dig the costume. I also forced myself to draw this since I’ve been completely unproductive, unmotivated and unwilling to work on anything.

317 – Dick Grayson: Earth 2 Robin

Joe G. Week, Part 3: The Continuing! The adult Robin of Earth 2 has two different costumes that I’ve seen, one is just sort of a modified version of the regular Robin costume with long pants and slightly worse arrangements of the colors. Then there’s this one, which I think is awesome and hilarious.