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CSA Bonus! I think he made one appearance during the Qwardian CSA era, but once I found out there was an evil Blue Beetle member, I had to include him. I redesigned him a little, but he is mostly based on the Dan Garret Beetle.



Power Ring

Johnny Quick




It’s Crime Syndiate of Amerika theme week. Enjoy these evil Earth-3/Earth-2/Qwardian/Anti-matter Justice League doppelgangers.


This is an ugly-ass Dick. Traveling back to Earth 2, it’s Dick’s Robin costume from when he grew too big for his short-pants and needed a better fit. He wore this (or rather, a version of this) just before he opted for the weird Batbin (Robman?) hybrid from yesterday. Then, when Earth 1 Dick came …

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I’ve drawn this Dick before. It’s his original (I think?) Pre-Crisis Earth 2 costume. It’s such a mess. It’s an alternate fully-grown Dick keeping the name of Robin, but combining the Batman & Robin looks in the worst possible way. It’s awful and I love it. I love Dick! More Dick still to come!