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The Nu52 Earth-2 Robin, Nu52 Earth-2 Helena Wayne – daughter of Nu52 Earth-2 Batman & Nu52 Earth-2 Catwoman – before becoming Nu52 Earth-2 Huntress. I never read this Nu52 Earth-2 book.

Patreon Reward: Superman

Patreon reward, Val-Zod, the Superman of Nu52 Earth 2. I changed my patreon rewards recently, mostly to compensate for my failing eyesight and hands. The 5 dollar level now gets you a 4 x 6 postcard-sized monthly commission. GET. ON. BOARD.

79. Huntress

180a. Owlman

194. Owlman


317 – Dick Grayson: Earth 2 Robin

Joe G. Week, Part 3: The Continuing! The adult Robin of Earth 2 has two different costumes that I’ve seen, one is just sort of a modified version of the regular Robin costume with long pants and slightly worse arrangements of the colors. Then there’s this one, which I think is awesome and hilarious.

189 – Superwoman

Rounding out the Crime Syndicate of Amerika with Superwoman, the evil Wonder Woman. I think I’m gonna revisit these characters with a team piece at some point.

188 – Power Ring

Some months back (March) I drew a couple members of The Crime Syndicate of Amerika, the evil Justice League from Earth 3 (or 2, or whatever), with the promise that I’d come back and draw the other CSA characters. I plum forgot. So here we are in August, and here’s me making that up with …

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048 – Johnny Quick

Johnny Quick is the Crime Syndicate’s evil Flash, who mainlines a (literal) speed drug. Not as awesome as any Reverse Flash, and not the heroic Golden Age Johnny Quick. Oh well. He looks cool (the original CSA Johnny Quick does not).

047 – Owlman

Owlman, the Crime Syndicate version of Batman. He’s an amazing character in Grant Morrison’s Earth 2 graphic novel, and that is totally trumped by the version of the character in the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths direct-to-DVD movie.