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Requested by Joe Grunenwald, who insisted on an exploitative, cheesecake sketch of the Betty Kane Bat-Girl. Insisted! I mean, it’s X-Mas and all, and he’s a good friend and loyal Patreon supporter. Who am I to deny his weird, pervy requests? But I felt I needed to balance out his sweaty-palmed ask and drew a …

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79. Huntress

125 – Nemesis

I was just randomly looking at old covers, maybe thinking about recreating one, whatever. I find this old series called Adventures into the Unknown. It’s basically a horror/sci-fi comic that ran from the late ’40s to the late ’60s. The standard covers tend to be people vs. the supernatural, giant monsters or giant robots, including …

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Cover Recreations

Been busy, and I wanted to wait until I had these things colored before I posted them. But it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Anyhoo, over Christmas, rather than spend money on folks, I drew these cover recreations for some friends of mine. I discovered that doing these are incredibly fun, and I’ve …

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