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84. The Brain & Monsieur Mallah


65. Flex Mentallo

The Man of Muscle Mystery.

1422. Robotman

This is Henry Rollins. Seriously. If you do an image search, you’ll find a photo of Henry Rollins that looks like this. Not as a robot, but, y’know, like this. Rollins voiced Robotman, aka Cliff Steele, in the Batman: The Brave & The Bold episode featuring the Doom Patrol. If I recall, it was a …

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1057. Mr. Nobody

Back in the year 2000 when I 1st started exploring the internet, and getting onto comic message boards, I took on the username of Mr. Nobody across most platforms. I was a big fan of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol villain. As I have experienced one of the worst months of my life recently, I’ve become …

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196. Cliff Steele

Was thinking about the Fantastic Four movie for some reason. In interviews, Josh Trank had cited David Cronenberg, and wanting to make a superhero body-horror movie. Which is the worst idea ever… for the FF. Wanna make a superhero body-horror film? Doom Patrol. The End.


When Marvel & DC teamed up to do the Amalgam Comics experiment, they did an X-Patrol comic (X-Men & Doom Patrol). It wasn’t that great. It combined the 90s X-Men with the more classic version of the Doom Patrol. After reading (and loving) Grant Morrison’s version of the Doom Patrol, I thought that they should …

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Cover Recreations

Been busy, and I wanted to wait until I had these things colored before I posted them. But it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. Anyhoo, over Christmas, rather than spend money on folks, I drew these cover recreations for some friends of mine. I discovered that doing these are incredibly fun, and I’ve …

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