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Favorite Black Flag song: Gimme Gimme Gimme For Sale: $25 + $5 shipping. Email me or find me on the internet.

1422. Robotman

This is Henry Rollins. Seriously. If you do an image search, you’ll find a photo of Henry Rollins that looks like this. Not as a robot, but, y’know, like this. Rollins voiced Robotman, aka Cliff Steele, in the Batman: The Brave & The Bold episode featuring the Doom Patrol. If I recall, it was a …

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533. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider motor cycle hero. Baby baby baby baby he’s looking so cute. Riding around in a blue jumpsuit. Alan Vega of the band Suicide died last night. I’m not too familiar with the band, but I have heard the first album and the song GHOST RIDER. Though honestly, I am more familiar with The …

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013 – Rollins Power Sauce

Henry Rollins essentially saved my life. 10 years ago or so, my girlfriend at the time dumped me and I was pretty sure there was no point to anything anymore. My friends all did their best to make sure I stayed busy and helped keep my mind off the situation, but I had to be …

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Ok, PANIC!: Portrait of the Artist

Henry Rollins. I dunno why. I like him.