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Patreon Reward: David Bowie

It’s Christmas and I like to do a little extra for my Patrons. This particular patron has been a supporter for over 5 years. When he asked for David Bowie – any era (another likeness, ugh), I knew it had to have color and I knew it had to be Ziggy Stardust. I’ve done a …

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Patreon Reward: Divine

Once again, my patron brings me the request of a likeness, but y’know, this time I ain’t mad. Divine is such a cartoonish and larger-than-life figure, she’s like drawing a superhero. A fabulous superhero. I don’t know much about Divine other than she was the basis of Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and starred in …

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Patreon Reward: Jerri Blank

I never got “Strangers with Candy”. Ever. I also wonder if my patron is mad at me and making me do so many likenesses. At least Jerri Blank is a monster and was easy to draw.


YouTube process short

Patreon Reward: Barry

Again, terrible at likenesses, but I have to know: Do you love me, Mr. Cousineau? #NeverBarry #AlwayWally.

Weird Al

Shortly before Christmas, my brand new Surface charger died (the 3rd one I’d had to buy over the course of 2 years – thanks, Choco! [though this one was not the cat’s fault, it was just a shitty, cheap product]). Unfortunately, due to the holiday, I could not get a replacement until after Christmas. Which …

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1297. Robert Z'Dar

905. Sue & Silk

So I’m doing sketches for people, and this timid, kindly older lady is watching me draw for someone else. When I finish, I look at her and ask her if she wants a sketch, and point out the remaining pre-mades as well. She asks if I can draw her. I do. I’m bad at likenesses, …

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623. Elvira

Mistress of the Dark. Arguably THE most famous horror host, I’m guessing, for reasons. Not much else to say. The entire month, I will be selling these sketch cards individually for 5 bucks, or as a theme set (7 cards total) for 25. If you want one, let me know, asap via email or other …

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622. Ghoulardi

Ohio. Home of numerous Presidents, astronauts, serial killers, and horror hosts. Ghoulardi was an iconic Cleveland area host, and once worked with my personal messiah, Tim Conway. Ghoulardi (Ernie Anderson) is the father of Paul Anderson, director of the Resident Evil movies. No, wait, that’s the other Paul Anderson. Ghoulardi’s kid made There Will Be …

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