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Patreon Reward: David Bowie

It’s Christmas and I like to do a little extra for my Patrons. This particular patron has been a supporter for over 5 years. When he asked for David Bowie – any era (another likeness, ugh), I knew it had to have color and I knew it had to be Ziggy Stardust. I’ve done a …

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The Little Mermaid

Valentine’s Day painting. I don’t paint well.

809a. Batwoman

Commission for a repeat customer. Decided to try watercolors for no real good reason. I am very bad at it.


This is a collaboration. My friend Jessie works at We Care Arts, and she hand paints custom ties as part of their collections of products they sell. Since I have decided to dress a little more “up” when I do comic shows & convnetions, Jessie suggested I get a custom tie to use. I came …

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I do volunteer stuff on Tuesday nights, usually, but decided to go there on this Thursday afternoon as well. We made these composition notebook covers from newspapers. We were supposed to black out words and make poetry, but I decided to paint around the photos instead.


So, for the last year, I have been volunteering on Tuesday nights at an art class for young adults with disabilities and special needs. It’s pretty much the only thing I have in my life that I look forward to anymore and makes me feel mostly human for a few hours. I’ve learned a lot …

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We painted pop art zebras in class tonight. The zebra was pre-drawn, but the watercolor is all me.

376. Olga

My mom turns 70 today. My dad asked if I could draw this portrait for her birthday. In the photo I referenced, she was holding a spatula, but a wine glass is much more appropriate. Happy birthday, Mom.


Just a random project/experiment I did.


The lady person is preparing to teach a class to a bunch of rich women at a country club on wine glass painting. She has been practicing with different types of paint and glass for a few weeks now, and last night got me to do a glass as well. It was supposed to be …

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