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Weird Al

Shortly before Christmas, my brand new Surface charger died (the 3rd one I’d had to buy over the course of 2 years – thanks, Choco! [though this one was not the cat’s fault, it was just a shitty, cheap product]). Unfortunately, due to the holiday, I could not get a replacement until after Christmas. Which …

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Favorite Weird Al song: Bob. I’ve loved Weird Al since I was but a child, but listening to the song “Bob” is where I fully realized what an absolute genius he is. For Sale: $25 + $5 shipping. Email me or find me on the internet.

1222. Weird Al

Today is the 6th of June, 2018. Tonight, one of my favorite bands – Slayer – are performing in Cincinnati (hometown adjacent) on their farewell tour. I have a lot of anxiety and will probably never attend another concert, especially of that size. But I absolutely seriously considered going. I suppose, there will always be …

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