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Tom M.

Favorite Rage Against the Machine song: Bulls on Parade. Could you imagine if I’d picked an Audioslave song? This was for a Patreon Patron. I saw a lot of pics of Tom wearing a Cubs hat, and I’m fairly sure my patron is a Yankees fan, so I kinda had to. Not for sale! Join …

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1219. Gorn

Carrie Schurman is one of my closest friends, and has been incredibly supportive and awesome for several years now. She has made a few drawing requests or I’ve asked her advice, but I’ve never offered her a theme week. Until now. Although, I guess it’s kinda shitty that I’m doing it while I’m doing the …

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636. Spock

Count Orlok as Spock.

337. Mulletto, Working Class Vulcan

I’ve been binge-watching the crap out of Leverage. It’s a fine, fun, dumb show. Being the fan that I am of fine, fun, dumb artforms (comics, horror, sci-fi with reservation, fantasy with even more reservation), I feel like I have a giant berth when it comes to a suspension of disbelief. I can buy that …

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114. Ferro Lad

I found this character quite endearing in the Final Night crossover in the mid 90s. I think that’s what it was called. The one where the sun was going out and Hal Jordan sacrificed himself to save the world/redeem himself as Parallax. Stuart Immonen-y goodness. *** Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked this quite a …

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Ok, PANIC!: Star Trek

230 – Morning Doodle

For those that don’t know, I commute to Cincinnati from Dayton every morning, which is about an hour drive. Luckily, one of my co-workers also lives in Dayton, and about three years ago after I had some extensive car trouble, we decided to start carpooling. We generally alternate weeks. Recently pretty much the entire braking …

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So despite the fact that I can say (not-so-proudly) I am a Wolverine fan, I have no intention of seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. To make up for that, here’s a pencil drawing I did that was probably the only decent Wolverine sketch I’ve ever done. That said, I did spend my money on the new …

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