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842a. Crotchshot

On today’s milestone 350th episode of Gutter Trash, we review Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey’s THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS. It’s incredibly informative, educational, and entertaining. And, Van Lente & Dunlavey create the single greatest comic character within the pages of CBHoC. So great, that my pal and Gutter Trash co-host Jason Young …

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I watched Big Hero 6 last night, and I am a bit upset I missed this in the theater. Some thoughts: Baymax and I share far too many traits. It’s weird that Disney did not play up the Marvel Comics angle. The only credit to that point is to “Man of Action”, the studio founded …

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Watched Captain America: Babies Taste Better (aka Snowpiercer). It was good. Not the fabulous masterpiece I was led to believe it might be. Good performances, pretty sets, but pretty much stretches credibility beyond even my own lofty ability to suspend disbelief. But whatever. I liked it enough.

388. Mr. Terrific

I kinda love this character, but even though I drew his New 52 look here, I didn’t read his New 52 book. He appeared once in Earth 2 before I dropped that series. It’s too bad. He was a great character. Fuck DC. So, because I am a 35 year old man, I spent my …

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382. Blade

I went with Blade’s Tomb of Dracula look here, just ‘cuz. Don’t judge me. You can read my reviews for all four Blade movies here, here, here, and here. As for my review of the animated Dark Knight Returns that I watched last night, it’s right here: It was okay. When I first read DKR, …

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381. Storm

Over the past two days, I have watched a couple of DC direct to DVD animated movies. I watched Flashpoint Paradox and War. And, pretty much everything that I dislike about the modern state of the DC Comic Universe is front and center on both of the movies. However, I also watched the Target exclusive …

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380. Spider-Man

The Ultimate/Miles Morales variety. Still a fine book, if not completely dragged down by Marvel not having any clue what to do with the Ultimate line of comics. Hopefully the upcoming relaunch helps stabilize some stuff. Last night, in my crushing loneliness, I was looking for a completely insane and gory horror movie in the …

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377. Static Shock

I never read any of the comics, but I did enjoy the cartoon quite a bit, and the couple cameos he made in the Justice League ‘toon. I’ve seen some movies. The Lego Movie was fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. I don’t want to talk much about it because it should just be …

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Sunday morning, I watched an incredibly dull French horror film called Them. It’s your standard home invasion movie, but with a twist. It’s kids. Spoiler. Don’t watch it. I celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day watching the British horror film Kill List. I still don’t know what I think or feel about it. It’s a …

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348. Batman

Finished watching all episodes of Maron last night on Netflix. I’m not really a fan of Marc Maron’s comedy, and I’ve listened to maybe three episodes of his What the Fuck podcast that I also did not enjoy, but I found his television show to be incredibly funny and at times, moving. Recommended.