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Dragon Prince

Friend of mine persuaded me to watch Dragon Prince on Netflix, and boy, I love it pretty hard. It’s hilarious, intense, emotional (lots of dad shit), with well-rounded characters and a beautiful sense of design and artistry. It’s also occasionally slyly dirty, and I always appreciate that. Cannot recommend it enough. Also, the 1st season …

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348. Batman

Finished watching all episodes of Maron last night on Netflix. I’m not really a fan of Marc Maron’s comedy, and I’ve listened to maybe three episodes of his What the Fuck podcast that I also did not enjoy, but I found his television show to be incredibly funny and at times, moving. Recommended.


She’s got a disease. I finished watching the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. It’s a good show, with a ton of horrible flaws. The acting is fantastic, not a loser in the bunch, including Jason Biggs whom I’ve pretty much written off forever as the guy what fucked a pie. One of my …

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So Netflix – which has a history recommending bizarre bullshit with their system – has added a new “feature” called Max. It’s an interactive version of their recommendation system, and as far as I can tell it ups the level of their bullshit to a whole new degree. I decided to try it out. It’s …

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118. Brainiac 5

Went with a more animation inspired look for Brainy. So, three days in and I am in love with the current returned from the dead ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I am taking a break from it for the last few episodes. I don’t want it to end so soon. I will definitely have to go back and …

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