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120. Night Girl

So. This is it. The final Legionnaire for “Legion of Superheroes Month”. I had never even heard of Night Girl until she was specifically requested by Jim Purcell, co-host of the fantastic Savage FINcast proudly hosted on the Gutter Trash Podcasting Network. (In fact, you should listen to all of the wonderful shows on the …

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119. Shadow Lass

I went with the slinky sexy costume here because I have a penis and thusly hate women. Fuck off, fake nerd girls! Go back to the kitchen.

118. Brainiac 5

Went with a more animation inspired look for Brainy. So, three days in and I am in love with the current returned from the dead ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I am taking a break from it for the last few episodes. I don’t want it to end so soon. I will definitely have to go back and …

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117. Triplicate Girl

Went with the animated version here. Sober and further into the Arrested Development revival. I’m actually digging it. The first couple episodes kinda struggled, but it’s defintely getting back to classic A.D form by the 3rd ep. Disappointment averted?

116. Kid Quantum

I’m drunk. And watching the return of Arrested Development. It’s not a crushing disappointment.

115. Kinetix

So we’re down to the final week of Legion of Superheroes Month. The last six days here are going to be fairly lady heavy. I’m not sure how it worked out that way. Actually, I am. Fear. Pure fear. In art, like life, I fear the ladies. *** Zardoz. To be reviewed on Gutter Trash.

114. Ferro Lad

I found this character quite endearing in the Final Night crossover in the mid 90s. I think that’s what it was called. The one where the sun was going out and Hal Jordan sacrificed himself to save the world/redeem himself as Parallax. Stuart Immoneny goodness. *** Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked this quite a …

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113. Cosmic Boy

I thought a lot about drawing him in his 70s Mike Grell sexy costume. Look it up if you don’t know what that is. *** Altered. Horror film directed by one of the guys who did The Blair Witch Project. It’s about four dudes who were abducted by aliens. Fifteen years later, they capture one …

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112. Ultra Boy

111. Saturn Girl