I watched Big Hero 6 last night, and I am a bit upset I missed this in the theater. Some thoughts: Baymax and I share far too many traits. It’s weird that Disney did not play up the Marvel Comics angle. The only credit to that point is to “Man of Action”, the studio founded by Steven Seagle, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Joe Casey. Seagle & Rouleau created BH6, but I believe this was before the Man of Action days. Add to that, the two BH6 comics had no involvement from MoA (written by Scott Lobdell – the worst writer in comics, and Chris Claremont – the worst writer in comics who used to be great, respectively). There is one Marvel connection the movie keeps, and that is… the post-credit tag. No spoiler. Other than that, BH6 was a ton of fun and very touching, and I hope there is a sequel in the works.

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