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Wonder Woman

Suggested by Stephanie Cooper.

87. Two-Face & December Patreon Rewards

Merry Christmas from the man who is both naughty and nice and will judge you by the flip of his coin. Merry Christmas as well to all my Patrons, and to everyone else I guess. If you want a sincere holiday greeting from me, join my Patreon. The Hell Priest Clive Barker doesn’t like the …

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Wonder Woman

While I have a special fondness for terrible costumes, I will die on the hill that the current Wonder Woman costume/movie costume is worse than this one. I am NOT a fan of the Greek Gladiator look with extraneous lines. MY Wonder Woman also does not use swords, shields, or wear capes. So Sayeth the …

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Element Girl


Mad Harriet


Doctor Mid-Nite


Requested by Joe Grunenwald, who insisted on an exploitative, cheesecake sketch of the Betty Kane Bat-Girl. Insisted! I mean, it’s X-Mas and all, and he’s a good friend and loyal Patreon supporter. Who am I to deny his weird, pervy requests? But I felt I needed to balance out his sweaty-palmed ask and drew a …

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