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By request.

AoA: Weapon X

Just wanted to draw the Age of Apocalypse Weapon X/Wolverine. What a time to have been alive in the comics world. I remember it being a SHOCK that one-handed Wolvie still had claws in this li’l stumpy-stump. I mean, it’s so obvious, but those 90s idiots (said with love) pulled that shit off.

Invisible Woman

Just wanted to draw the best costume upgrade of the 1990s, Susan Storm-Richards MILFing it up across the galaxy. Let’s bring this back, Marvel. Especially just in time for Vanessa Kirby to suit up.

The Last Shadowhawk

This cover is available on my Art Shop. I developed a small obsession with Shadowhawk over the last year or two, buying most of his various series for a dollar (or less) an issue. I think I’m missing maybe 10 random issues from across his various series and one-shots throughout the years. Also, the afterward …

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I had been working on this Doomsday: Hunter/Prey crazy 90s Superman for a few weeks before I got sick. Figured I should finish it.

Wonder Woman

While I have a special fondness for terrible costumes, I will die on the hill that the current Wonder Woman costume/movie costume is worse than this one. I am NOT a fan of the Greek Gladiator look with extraneous lines. MY Wonder Woman also does not use swords, shields, or wear capes. So Sayeth the …

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Me & my love of the worst versions of characters rears it’s head again. Here’s 90s Thor!

646. Superman

My friend and I were talking about 90s superheroes last night, and pouched-up belted Superman came up. I remembered him wearing this costume at some point, drawn by Dan Jurgens, so I decided to draw it (it was in the DOOMSDAY: HUNTER/PREY mini). But his mullet was not on display in that series, which is …

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