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Invisible Woman

Just wanted to draw the best costume upgrade of the 1990s, Susan Storm-Richards MILFing it up across the galaxy. Let’s bring this back, Marvel. Especially just in time for Vanessa Kirby to suit up.

32. Invisible Woman

Welcome to Marvember 2021, The Women of Marvel. Starting with the first lady of Marvel, Sue Storm. Prepare for a month of terrible drawings!

791. Invisible Woman

Taking a break from the sketch cards today.

189. Invisible Woman

Seriously, I guess I don’t quite get why an FF film has never been made or attempted.

Ok, PANIC!: Naked Superheroes

Wanted to do a reversal of this drawing.

Ok, PANIC!: Cheesecake

Sue Storm doing an invisible strip tease. Wish I could draw women better.


I like the Fantastic Four, in theory. The execution has never held up to what I expect it to be. An old friend of mine and I used to come up with FF stories to try to pitch Marvel (each rejected or ignored), and our ideas of the FF were more appealing than the actual …

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