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The Thing

New time-lapse drawing video. Check it out on YouTube.

1305. Ben Grimm

The Everloving Blue-Eyed Thing, in honor of Jack Kirby’s 101st birthday.

188. The Thing

It’d be nice if there were ever a Fantastic Four movie.

619. Hulk

Inspired by JB Sapienza, Ben Grimm dressed in a Ben Cooper Hulk costume (with Hulk hands for added authenticity).

21. Ben Grimm

270 – Shitty Thing

This is what Ben Grimm, The Thing, looks like when drawn wrong.

021 – The Thing

So yeah, that’s why I don’t do much stippling. Tiring. The above was drawn back in 1995 by a friend of mine by the name of Matt Lukacs. We had a bunch of art classes together in high school, and shopped at the same comic store. I asked him if I could ink his drawing. …

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I like the Fantastic Four, in theory. The execution has never held up to what I expect it to be. An old friend of mine and I used to come up with FF stories to try to pitch Marvel (each rejected or ignored), and our ideas of the FF were more appealing than the actual …

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