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By request.


Commission. Always available for ’em. My first time drawing Hobo-Ninja DD. Interesting. It’s no black armor, though.

Daredevil/The Flash

Hmm. Not too happy with this one, but it’s fundamentals that are off. Update! Shit guys, I fucked up. I was meant to be drawing the Flash, not Daredevil. Here’s the fixed image.


YouTube Shorty

1. D-Man

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve decided to help celebrate in my own way, by drawing a month full of LGBTQIA+ superheroes/characters. As an 80% cis het dude, I do feel I probably should not be doing this, but I just wanted to draw some fun & kick-ass characters, and show my support to people who …

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the palest, gingeriest, Irishiest, Catholic guiltiest superhero of all time, Matty Murdock, the Dare Devil.

47. Daredevil

Shhh. It’s Elektra. Spoilers.