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1411. Manhunter

I miss this character/comic quite a bit. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

1049. Manhunter

I was dreading drawing this one, but it turned out kinda fun. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info


Sandman Marvel Boy Manhunter *** To request a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply here. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative at the end of the month. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

465. Manhunter

Celebrating Mother’s Day by drawing my favorite superhero mom, Kate Spencer, a.k.a. Manhunter. Who doesn’t exist anymore. Because New 52.

42. Doctor Lecter

After watching “Manhunter” last week, I decided to draw Hannibal Lecter. I’m not good at likenesses, so I hope I hit close to the feel of the character. Word balloons help. I tried to base it more on Brian Cox’s version over Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins is obviously great, but Brian Cox had something extra about …

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358 – Manhunter

One of the many many Manhunter characters that have run around the DC Universe, but also one of the best. So of course, her series got cancelled.