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Sandman Overture Blank Sketch Cover, the cutest representation of Death there ever were. For sale on my storefront. Please buy her?

Element Girl

Bonus: New Wave Endless

Commission of The Endless family as New-Wave artist-inspired rockers. I nearly whiffed this one, and I deeply apologize to the commissioner for taking so long with it. However, Neil Gaiman himself retweeted this, and I couldn’t be more mortified. Just in case: Desire – 80s Bowie Despair – Devo Delirium – Cyndi Lauper Dream – …

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Six FanArts: 03

Lost a step on this one, but really proud of that Beetlejuice.


Sandman Marvel Boy Manhunter *** To request a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply here. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative at the end of the month.

334. Sandman

048 – Sandman

Ventured out to the local arthouse theater and saw What We Do in the Shadows. This is a fantastic mockumentary about 4 vampires from New Zealand who share a house, leading up to a big vampire shin-dig. The horror elements are light and barely there, but fun when they pop up. The rest of the …

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419. The Corinthian

I think I’ve talked about how I’ve only read the first 20 issues of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman multiple times, right? If I haven’t, well, there you go. But even before I read any Sandman, I had seen a picture of The Corinthian and became fascinated with him. To this day, I’m still fascinated with him. …

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353. Sandman

When I did the Kirby designed Sandman a few days ago, a friend of mine suggested I draw the Neil Gaiman/Morpheus version of Sandman as a Kirby-inspired design. So, I thought, why the fuck not? The New God of Dreams.

349. Sandman

I love the crazy Kirby design and kinda wish it would’ve taken. I’m also gonna add this to my ever-growing, sometimes changing and oft-forgotten Do-Over list.