Tag: Six FanArts

Six FanArts: 07

Just wanted to do another one, took requests via Twitter.

Six FanArts: Wally West Edition

Decided to do a late-addition Six FanArts Challenge, but all Wally West, dedicated to and inspired by Joe Grunenwald who had done his own Wally West edition. Always Wally.

Six FanArts: 05

My penultimate Six FanArts. All the other ones were picked/requested by various social media friends. This one was all me, and I wanted to do “odd” choices, but all characters I loved.

Six FanArts: 04

Back on top, baby! Still immensely proud of the Witcher portrait, a character I know ZERO about.

Six FanArts: 03

Lost a step on this one, but really proud of that Beetlejuice.

Six FanArts: 02

My second Six FanArts go-round. Still really pleased with these.

Six FanArts: 01

I got into doing this meme thing pretty hard. For some reason, I really liked this format, and felt like I drew some great headshots here of things I normally wouldn’t have picked to draw.