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Patreon Reward: Tambi

Tambi Baker is the ultimate badass of the Terry Mooreniverse. Former Parker Girl henchwoman, now the head of The Parker Girls. Butch, huge, sexy and deep inside a big softie that will murder everyone in her way. Or send someone to do some murdering. Also, RIP Bambi.

Six FanArts: 07

Just wanted to do another one, took requests via Twitter.

Jet & Earl

Happy Anniversary to the woman I have fallen deeply and madly in love with, Stephanie Cooper. We matched on Tinder and within a day, she asked me out on our first date – August 28th, 2021. I was broke as fuck, I had to work that night, and it was Jack Kirby’s birthday, so I …

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She is Risen! What better way to celebrate Easter than with a character famous for undead resurrection. Rachel Beck, star of Rachel Rising. A good, but also disappointing series in that it ended with multiple dangling plot threads. I’m two issues into Five Years as of this writing, so maybe those get touched upon? I …

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Francine Peters-Silver, the other star and center of the Mooreniverse. She’s perfect and if I left my girlfriend for a fictional character, it’d probably be Francine. But she’d probably want to join us, or possible fight me over Francine. Because my girlfriend rules. I don’t do cheesecake often! I’m not good at it!


Katina Choovanski, the star and center of the Mooreniverse. Not much I can say about her. She’s awesome, and if my girlfriend was going to leave me for a fictional character, it’d probably be Katchoo.


Samantha Lockyear from Motor Girl might be the absolute most heartbreaking Terry Moore figure in his oeuvre. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the book as I started, but by the end… Jesus. Far more affecting and impactful than I would ever have hoped.


I have not read Serial yet, but Zoe is a supporting character throughout Rachel Rising. She’s cute! She’s quirky! She’s 10! She a possible descendant of Jack the Ripper and loves to kill things!


Julie Martin from Echo. This might actually be my favorite Terry Moore work. Sure, SiP is far more in-depth and substantial, but I think Julie’s journey throughout the series is heartbreaking and exhilarating, from the unknown powers to the absolute loss of her agency and sense of self.


It’s Terry Moore Week! All characters from the major Terry Mooreniverse comics. When I met my current ladylove, she did not like comics. Which is good, because who needs some Fake Geek Girl bullshit, am I right, my dudes? Comics are for boys! I bet she doesn’t even know Bart Allen’s home address in Alabama! …

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