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John Constantine

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Sandman Overture Blank Sketch Cover, the cutest representation of Death there ever were. For sale on my storefront. Please buy her?

30. Enigma

Usually I have been very verbose, probably too much when I should have just kept my brainmouth shut. Oddly, I have very little to say about Enigma. It’s maybe one of my favorite comics of all times. Meanwhile, as a straight man, there’s a meaning to this book that I’ll never be able to connect …

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11. John Constantine

John is canonically bi, but I’ve always felt he’s more of an “anything that moves” kinda guy, so don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to him. John is still the greatest comic character ever formed and I miss the original Hellblazer a lot.

Black Orchid

Bonus: New Wave Endless

Commission of The Endless family as New-Wave artist-inspired rockers. I nearly whiffed this one, and I deeply apologize to the commissioner for taking so long with it. However, Neil Gaiman himself retweeted this, and I couldn’t be more mortified. Just in case: Desire – 80s Bowie Despair – Devo Delirium – Cyndi Lauper Dream – …

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Spider Jerusalem

Process video on my YouTube channel

Six FanArts: 03

Lost a step on this one, but really proud of that Beetlejuice.

John Constantine: Hellblazer

Like everything, this looked a lot cooler in my head.

1424. John Constantine: Hellblazer

Merry Christmas.