30. Enigma

Usually I have been very verbose, probably too much when I should have just kept my brainmouth shut. Oddly, I have very little to say about Enigma. It’s maybe one of my favorite comics of all times. Meanwhile, as a straight man, there’s a meaning to this book that I’ll never be able to connect to. But great art connects to it’s audience no matter what, and at the very end of the day, I can say that Enigma made me a lifelong fan of both Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo. Aside from Strangers in Paradise, it’s the one series I try to foist on as many people as I can, often finding cheap back issues and giving away sets.

Also, if you’re a comic fan recommending Watchmen as “the greatest comic ever”, get the fuck out, ya basic prick.

Happy Pride!

I’ll shut up now.

I’m still here.
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