29. Cobweb

I know very little about Cobweb, other than she was created by Melinda Gebbe & Alan Moore as part of Tomorrow Stories, and is a lesbian.

So as I’ve been going through this month, picking characters I’d like to draw or wanted to draw, and finding inspiration on various lists of queer characters, I stumbled onto a thing where “X Character has only ever been shown in hetero relationships, but Y Creator said on Twitter once ‘I dunno, they could be bi/pan/whatever’.”

I found that very frustrating. I did my best to pick only characters that were absolutely confirmed and shown in continuity to be queer. Like… on the page, published and everything, they say “I am this” or are shown in relationships or even just flirting or whatever. Just, I wanted solid confirmation, not just Fabian Nicieza – who hasn’t worked on Deadpool in years – saying that Deadpool is pan, but there are no comics actually proving it. Y’know?

There’s also a few I didn’t pick because I was like “clearly some sweaty horny creeper dude came up with this.” Like Rainmaker. Or Black Cat. Not to say they couldn’t be the focus of good stories in the future, but there are better examples that don’t scream “straight guy with lesbian fantasies”.

Imma be surprised if the few queer people I know will want to still associate with me on July 1st.

I’m still here.
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