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Batman ’89: Echoes

For Sale, Batman ’89 blank sketch cover with the Tim Burton versions (or, my best approximations) of Batman & his rogues gallery.

Spookytober: Beetlejuice

The Ghost with the Most Beetlejuice. This 4 x 6 card is available for sale at my shop.

Prince and the Super Powers Generation (44)

Alright. It’s my birthday. 14 years now I’ve been annually posting sadness. Well, not so much this year. I mean, listen, the world is fucking crumbling around us, and I’m still fucked up and broken, but, y’know, things could be worse for me. In just a few weeks will be the one-year anniversary of meeting …

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Patreon Reward: Batman ’89

The Patron requested Michael Keaton Batman. I know he’s a big fan of “Returns”, but I have drawn that version of Keaton’s costume before, and wanted to try the ’89 version.

Six FanArts: 03

Lost a step on this one, but really proud of that Beetlejuice.

883. Batman

486. Batman Returns

Batman Returns was on the television today (BBC America – followed by Batman Forever which I fell asleep 5 minutes into). When the movie came out when I was a kid (13 years old?), I used to draw this costume all the time and it’s kind of always stuck with me – probably in a …

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