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John Constantine

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11. John Constantine

John is canonically bi, but I’ve always felt he’s more of an “anything that moves” kinda guy, so don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to him. John is still the greatest comic character ever formed and I miss the original Hellblazer a lot.

John Constantine: Hellblazer

Like everything, this looked a lot cooler in my head.

1424. John Constantine: Hellblazer

Merry Christmas.

20. John Constantine, Hellblazer

Oi, piss off. Hellblazer # 300 comes out today in comic shops everywhere and concludes the longest running Vertigo comic and – on a technicality – DC comic. I’ve already said my piece on the subject of John Constantine and DC’s cancelling of his book in favor of a New 52’d version. Since I get …

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Hell, Blazed

NOTE: I wrote this about the loss of the comic HELLBLAZER and what that book means to me. However, since then, I have gone through a much worse and meaningful loss – the loss of a pet. Max was a fat, quirky stray cat who came to live with my parents about six or seven …

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045 – John Constantine: Hellblazer

Hellblazer is my favorite non-superhero ongoing comic, I’ve been reading it for years, and only once has it ever gotten to a point where I thought I might drop it (author Denise Mina’s run a few years ago, for what it’s worth). I’m even one of the only people who love Paul Jenkins’ run on …

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