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The Nu52 Earth-2 Robin, Nu52 Earth-2 Helena Wayne – daughter of Nu52 Earth-2 Batman & Nu52 Earth-2 Catwoman – before becoming Nu52 Earth-2 Huntress. I never read this Nu52 Earth-2 book.

527. Batgirl

Bandwagon! I jump it. With the news of the new creative team on board Batgirl and her slick new costume, I decided that I too wanted to draw it. I like better than the jagged armor thing she was wearing, but I still bristle about comic characters with “realistic” costumes – which is what this …

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402. New 52 Superman

So, yesterday’s Swamp Thing took me about three days to complete, start to finish. There was a lot of lines, detail, hemming and hawing. I struggled with it, but I never ever got bored. This drawing of Superman in his New 52 costume took me about 20 minutes and may be one of the most …

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Ok, PANIC!: New 52

Of all the DC Comics New 52 launches, OMAC was my favorite. So of course it was the first cancelled.

251 – Red Tornado

I can’t point to any reason or example of why I like Red Tornado, but I do. It’s weird. I don’t think I even own a single comic with him in it. The closest thing I can think of is the episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold where he builds a son who turns …

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