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31. Zenith

Gonna be honest: I drew this circa 2012/2013. Joe asked for Zenith, and I thought to myself “I’ve drawn him before. I was cat-sitting at my parents’. I remember this clearly. I looked up modern fashions to find that jacket as reference. Did I not ever post it?” Turns out, I didn’t! I had the …

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16. Marvel Boy

I loved Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy series, but I have not paid any attention to Noh-Varr’s character since. According to Jorell, Noh-Varr was Norman Osborne’s Dark Avengers Captain Marvel, and that makes him count as a Captain Marvel. I agree!


1180. King Mob

Multiversity Cover

DC Comics’ Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY # 1 original art sketch cover Superman Earth 23 Dino-Cop Erik Larsen homage Savage Dragon. How was that, Joe?

32. Happy

Posting later tonight or tomorrow, Episode 223 of Gutter Trash will be our review of Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson’s HAPPY!. So I drew the titular Happy, ‘cuz who doesn’t like a cute cartoon flying horse? Nick Sax, that’s who. I haven’t had time to watch a movie yet today, but yesterday I watched two …

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200 – Animal Man

Grant Morrison’s Animal Man is in my top 10 favorite comic runs of all time. It’s a trippy, fun, dark, and brilliant take on what was essentially a z-list character, proving that any character can become a success with the right support behind them. Animal Man is getting relaunched for the New DCU, written by …

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048 – Johnny Quick

Johnny Quick is the Crime Syndicate’s evil Flash, who mainlines a (literal) speed drug. Not as awesome as any Reverse Flash, and not the heroic Golden Age Johnny Quick. Oh well. He looks cool (the original CSA Johnny Quick does not).

047 – Owlman

Owlman, the Crime Syndicate version of Batman. He’s an amazing character in Grant Morrison’s Earth 2 graphic novel, and that is totally trumped by the version of the character in the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths direct-to-DVD movie.

046 – Ultraman

Ultraman, the Superman of Earth 3 (or Earth 2 if you’re a Grant Morrison fan). He is the evil leader of the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. I love dopplegangers, especially evil opposites. Morrison’s Earth 2 graphic novel is a major highlight of his JLA work. Highly recommended if you haven’t read it.