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424. Spider, man

If only Hunter S. Thompson was still alive and/or Spider Jerusalem was real. I think either would be having a massive field day with the current election. But no one would be listening anyway. Transmetropolitan is another Top 10 comic series for me. Also the only series I own with an issue 1 signed by …

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32. Happy

Posting later tonight or tomorrow, Episode 223 of Gutter Trash will be our review of Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson’s HAPPY!. So I drew the titular Happy, ‘cuz who doesn’t like a cute cartoon flying horse? Nick Sax, that’s who. I haven’t had time to watch a movie yet today, but yesterday I watched two …

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326 – Transmetropolitan

I believe this was a request from my friend Shiloh. Back at the turn of the century, Shiloh and I were incredibly close. We parted ways and kept minimal contact with each other until I broke down and joined Facebook. Since then she has been one of my few Facebook friends who likes to call …

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