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Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

54. Star-Lord

See Yondu.

53. Yondu

Yes, the redneck Michael Rooker Space Pirate version is more well-known, but I don’t care.

45. Quasar


Ronan, the Accuser Black Racer Lucifer *** To reserve a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply on my blog. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative at the end of the month.


Groot Big Bear Super-Adaptoid *** I’mma talk about this later with another character, but I felt weird about including Groot. But, I decided to draw him as Kirby originally drew him in his one pre-Marvel Universe appearance. As I made my list, I think I was most excited to draw The Super-Adaptoid. I love combo …

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910. Groot & Iron Man

875. Rocket Raccoon

825. Star-Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out today. Now that my movie buddy Joe G. is gone and the woman with whom I saw Part 1 broke my heart, I’m not sure when or with whom I will see this movie. That makes me a bit sad. A little more than sad, actually. Fuck. …

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784. Baby Groot

So, it’s a little over a month away and at this time unofficial, but I think I can say with confidence that I will be at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS this year for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. As per last year (which I felt went quite successfully) I will be there drawing sketches FOR FREE! …

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