784. Baby Groot

So, it’s a little over a month away and at this time unofficial, but I think I can say with confidence that I will be at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS this year for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. As per last year (which I felt went quite successfully) I will be there drawing sketches FOR FREE! I will also – like last year – be pre-drawing a bunch of sketches that I will have available at the event for folks who want a sketch but don’t feel like waiting around. Again, these will be available FOR FREE!

Some changes this year, though. Instead of 6″ x 9″ sketches with some grays or color tones, these will all be Artists Trading Cards (2.5″ x 3.5″) and in black and white ONLY. Last year I drew about 30 pre-sketches before the show and I think I drew about 30 or so during the event. Sketches take time. Limiting the size and the materials make these go faster so that more people can get more sketches (one sketch per person).

That said, since I’m getting a jump on the cards this year, my plan is to have at least 100 cards pre-done in time for the event. At least. As of the time of this writing, I’ve drawn 15 in one evening.

So. If you’re planning on coming to the event and want a card custom made, let me know, and I will draw it. If you’re not coming to the event, I’d love to take sketch suggestions. 100 is a lot and while I’d be more than happy to draw Batman 100 times, I do like a little variety. I’m talking comics, cartoons, movies, anime, manga, sci-fi, horror, video games, etc. I’d appreciate the help.

Also, while I haven’t discussed this with the Mavericks’ folks yet, I might have a “tip jar” with anything donated going to charity, since, I’m, like, trying to be charitable and some shit. It will be entirely optional as – again – it’s “Free” Comic Book Day, and I really like to emphasize the “free” when I do these events.

So get set, I’ll be posting my sketch cards here daily for the next month, probably more. If you’re coming and you like one I post, I will be more than happy to hold it for you. Like Baby Groot here? Who doesn’t? Tell me and he’s yours!

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