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12. Shatterstar

Not sure whether Shatterstar is bi or gay, but I do remember Rob Liefeld flipping his shit when Peter David put him in a relationship with Rictor in the pages of X-Factor, and that is enough to actually make me like this character now.

53. Dead Girl



My first black blank sketch cover. White gel pen. 5 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping. Email me or whatever.

1378. Deadpool

Last commission.I’m not a huge Deadpool fan, but drawing him tends to bring out my best. Hey, you want a commission? I AM ALWAYS available to take commissions. Also I have a store, a Patreon, an active eBay account, and will gladly just take free money. You know where to find me.

1267. Deadpool

1246. Doop

1235. Domino

I might have an incredibly massive crush and/or be in love with Zazie Beetz as Domino from DEADPOOL 2. No apologies.

1193. Sunspot