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For sale, blank sketch cover for the Image Comics/Skybound Universal Monsters Dracula mini.

Patreon Catchall – The Invisible Man

The Patron, when asked what sketches she wanted for when I was sick, said for October’s missed sketch, The Invisible Man. She didn’t know who she was fucking with.

7. Frankenstein's Monster

Every drawing for Inktober is available for sale, $15. Contact me if interested.

1368. The Bride of Frankenstein

1302. Dracula

989. The Monster

988. The Mummy

972. Frankenstein’s Monster

I usually do a theme for October/Inktober, but I’m gonna be honest guys, Kirby Month immediately following months of sketch cards kind wiped me out. So, there’s not gonna be any real theme this year. Sorry. But I’ll probably draw more than a couple monsters. So there’s that. Incidentally, throughout the month of October, if …

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872. Dracula

848. Frankenstein's Monster