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49. Citizen V

Shhh. He’s a villain.

1329. Baron Zemo

I was flipping through some old comics and found a two-page spread advertisement for Rob Liefeld’s CAPTAN AMERICA. There was an image of his version of Zemo in it, and I felt compelled to draw it in all its weird Grimace-y glory.


Triton Kalibak Baron Zemo *** Ugh, that Triton is terrible. Also, hindsight proves that Kirby really liked massively-headed, hair, two-toed villains. *** To request a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply here. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative …

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275. Captain America

A commission done for DeMario Winston that he gave to a friend. You too can buy a commission for a friend or loved one! Do it! My first time drawing Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, as Captain America. What a needlessly complicated costume.

117 – Baron Zemo

Adding this to the redo pile.