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Captain America

Celebrate America with some good ol’ fashioned CAPITALISM! (More like Capitalist America, amirite?!) This sketch cover is available for sale at my shop (along with lots of other reasonably priced original art!) Go! BUY! SPEND! CONSUME! AMERICA!

885. Captain America

Happy 4th.

737. F*ck Nazis

I’ve had this blank variant for Hail Hydra #1 sitting at my LCS for quite a while, and over the weekend, I thought about it and came up with an idea to draw. This will soon be available on eBay, with any money raised going to the ACLU.

459c. Falcon

Free Comic Book Day. Saturday May 7th. MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS. 10a-2p. Me. Free Sketches. Fly on over.

275. Captain America

A commission done for DeMario Winston that he gave to a friend. You too can buy a commission for a friend or loved one! Do it! My first time drawing Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, as Captain America. What a needlessly complicated costume.

391. Falcon

It just occurred to me I’ve never read a comic with Falcon in it. It also occurred to me that he sorta became the main character of the newest Avengers cartoon, and that he’s awful in it and that show is fucking terrible. My interest in Captain America 2 just took a dive. And this …

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191 – Falcon